Good News - Another Mountain Climbed And Conquered

We just got off the phone with Naya's doc.  Her MRIs came back "great" today.  Her spine is almost completely clear, and significantly improved.  Her brain looks great too.  There is some residual from the brain surgery which showed up on the scan, but it's expected and likely caused by a mix of surgery healing and radiation. Her brain scan has improved from the last scans.

We also learned that Naya is 1/2 way through her maintenance phase.  She has 3 more cycles left.  This means we might be done with chemo by Christmas.  Then, we hope to be counting the years of remission.

She is going into her next cycle likely next week if her counts are good enough. This means she will have very low counts for the Parkway Run/Walk, so we're working with the docs to help make it easy for her to be there and great over 125 walkers so far that have signed up to be with Naya.  If you are with us, you may see her in a mask, but hopefully you'll understand that it's for her safety and not her desire!

Please comment back to show her your support and excitement.  I'd love her to get inundated with your comments :)  This is THE BEST news we could have hoped for.

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