Getting Ready For School & CHOP Walk

The week began with Naya's 3rd round of chemo. She had tough days on Tuesday and Wednesday, but is feeling much better now. 

Like all 10-year olds, Naya's gearing up for school to begin. She is finishing up required reading and in good shape to begin 5th grade thanks to great tutoring by her teacher Julie. On Friday, we went to AIS and bought some uniform items including her 5th grade kilt and other fun AIS garments! While there, we ran into her lower school principal who shared exciting news...5th graders are allowed to wear nail polish! Naya's sporting 5 colors now in various shades of blue/teal/turquoise, so clearly that was welcome news.

We are also gearing up for the September walk/run. If you haven't done so, please sign up to walk with us and/or donate.

I want to thank Sheri Reber for designing a logo for our team that symbolizes our cause with Naya's love for horses and her favorite colors. Sheri herself loves horses and is so warm and very talented. We are getting shirts for the walk made using the logo and ordering some tattoos for the walkers.

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