Get Your Watch Fixed At Benari Jewelers & Support TeamNAYA

Benari Jewelers in Newtown Square and Exton are teaming up with Naya to support the Parkway Run/Walk this September. Rachel Benari and Bobby May (shown in the picture) are great friends of ours and absolutely adore Naya.

If you need a new watch battery, they'll get your watch ticking again and donate the entire battery cost to TeamNAYA. While you're in the store, tell them you know Naya and I'm sure you'll get a big smile too.

We have two months until the Walk.  Remember to sign up or donate.  All funds go to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and will be focused on research to cure pediatric brain cancer.  Here's the link...

To donate to TeamNAYA, go to http://chop.donordrive.com/team/teamnaya

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