Changing Lives Is Withing Reach

The ability to change the world is in front of us. The past few weeks have shown us that passion, activism and standing up for what is right can change entrenched ideas, and improve and save lives. We're witnessing the removal of the confederate flag, legalized marriage for all and musicians getting paid for great music thanks to Taylor Swift. 

I follow change agents including Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Al Gore, Arianna Huffington and many others who are changing education, health, wellness and ultimately the quality of our world and lives. But, it doesn't take a CEO or VP to change the world, as Alex Scott of Alex's Lemonade Stand has shown us.

MY heroes are the researchers, scientists, technologists and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to curing pediatric cancer, and fulfill my late daughter Naya's wish.

So, if hundreds of years of traditions can be changed, and devastating diseases can be cured, curing pediatric cancer is going to be one of those areas we will cure if we loudly speak up.

This summer, I will launch a campaign to build awareness of the need to cure pediatric cancer, with the goal of raising funds to help find more treatments and cures.

Please help by following us @nayafoundation or on Facebook. More to come!

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