California Dreamin'

Last week, we took a last minute vacation to California. Naya was cleared to travel on Friday and we were on a plane by Sunday. Every day had many highlights. Our excursion started at Pebble Beach. The weather was spectacular. The boys enjoyed golf, while Naya and I explored the Monterey Bay Aquarium, met our friends Patti and Alice for lunch, and went whale watching. The whale watching was amazing, and at times, "epic".

From Monterey, we drove to San Francisco but stopped along the way for a flat of delicious and sweet california strawberries, fresh-picked that day. Hank and I did the same thing before kids, and the kids got to enjoy the same delicious experience. Yum! Our stay in San Francisco was short but special. A drink with Sheeroy Desai and lunch at the delicious Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on the Embarcadero was 18 hours well spent.

On our way up to Sonoma county, we stopped at the Marin Headlands. For Hank and me, it was special to share the experience with Zak and Naya. When we lived in SF, we would go to the Headlands while Zak was young and I was pregnant with Naya. We took pictures at the exact spots we experienced 13 years ago.

Then, off to Sonoma. We stayed in Healdsburg, and like the rest of the trip, the weather was perfect. I took Naya for a short wine tasting trip, then we headed up to our property, which is between Calistoga and Santa Rosa, in Sonoma county. We ate ripe blackberries off the bushes as we rode an ATV around the property. We made many plans of what to build, where to build and where to keep PaintJack while we rode around.

Evenings were spent with our good and long time friends the Odell's, Marty and Cynthia. Good food, company, weather and wine. It was a blast to be with the Odell kids too. We can't wait to watch them grow.

Here are just a few of the 200+ pictures we took of our special time.

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