Birthdays Are Gonna Be Hard


I'm the photographer in the family and have probably taken at least a terabyte of photos of Naya, Zak, Amy, the dogs, and friends and it still isn't enough!  I find myself combing through the folders and folders of pictures on our server looking for new images and then realize there just isn't going to be more than what already exist of my beautiful, creative, funny and smart girl.  For all of us time has been frozen.


Most of what I feel these days is anger at not being able to protect, or keep my little girl safe, and well.  It is such a empty anger because there isn't an immediate recourse.  I, and all of us, have to take the long term view and fight cancer and honor Naya by raising money for research to help the doctors who have dedicated their lives to uncovering a cure.  It is the path that exists so please help us and help the medical teams anyway you can.


Naya lives on through all the memories she imprinted on me every time I had the chance to enjoy her amazing presence.  She will forever be my future marine biologist and I will forever be better for all the amazing time she and I spent together.

Happy Birthday Naya, I love you!


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